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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Early Christmas 2008 

Saturday the 13th was our annual "Early Christmas" that we do with Carrie's bosses' family. This year was much lower-key than some previous years.

The logistics of it threatened to be a little wonky, though. Carrie's mum threw a home show that afternoon, where Carrie sold her jewelry and I sold my glassware. How would I go to Fools Play while Carrie simultaneously went in the opposite direction and picked up the kids? We only have one car. Her dad might have had to drive me to a rendezvous point in Federal Way where my brother could pick me up on his way down to Olympia or something like that.

Fortunately Laura also came to the home show, so she was able to drive me back to my house where I was able to leisurely prepare for Fools Play before my brother came and got me. Which he did.

We went down and performed the Fools Play Holiday Special at Mud Bay Coffee. Carrie & the kids came down and watched it. It was an interesting show — it was just me and Mike doing 2 improvised Rankin/Bass-style holiday specials. We'd never done it with only two of us before. It was a hoot! But, man, it was a lot of work, too. Fun work, though!

The first special was based on "Jingle Bells" and was about a music instructor trying to get Santa back on track, and we learned that jingle bells are made out of magic freckles or something. The second special was based on "O Come All Ye Faithful," and was supposed to be a religiously-based special. But I made it a Science Fiction special instead, my reasoning being, "The Bible is Science Fiction, right?". It took place way in the future in a distant galaxy (the "Angel Galaxy"). Turns out Jesus's mum was an alien queen who fled back in time from an evil warlord, and the 3 wise men and Joseph were actually assassins sent to kill them both.

During the show it started to snow. Like a Christmas magic had occurred.

After Fools Play I crammed my stuff into the car (which was still full of the stuff from the Home Show) and we all drove up (through the snow) to the Red Robin in Tacoma for a late din-dins. We were joined by other people I like, such as Christine, Lawrence, Melissa, Travis, and Laura again. After din-dins most of us took the kids on home and hung out there for a bit. We weren't s'posed to exchange gifts this year (taking the kids to Fools Play and buying them din-dins WAS the gift), but we still ended up with stuffs: Carrie got a bottle of wine and I was given a bottle of Diddy Vodka! By Diddy Vodka, I of course mean Cîroc, the vodka endorsed by Sean Diddy Combs. I wrote a song about it:
When you're drinking up the hooch
Just try not to screw the pooch:
If you drink the booze to quick
Diddy Vodka makes you sick.

It's actually really nice vodka! It's made from grapes. Very interesting.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We Are Going to the Beach 

Yesterday (Tuesday) after work Carrie called me to say that she was going to Starbucks with Linnea. I drove by on my way home and looked, but didn't see them even though they were there. I went home and ate a hot pocket (the sub sammitch style one), and Carrie came home shortly thereafter with a gigantro chocolaty drink for me, and the news that we were going to go to the beach with the Tarbet women.

So we drove over to their house and had them follow us to Owen Beach in Point Defiance. Yes, Tacoma does have a beautiful, sandy beach. And since it was in the 80s yesterday, there were plenty of people out sunbathing away the Washington winter paleness.

We forgot to bring some stuff with us, like towels, sunscreen, and our digital camera (and Linnea forgot the same things), but that didn't stop us from having a good time, or stop me from taking pictures; I have a camera phone!

It was a lot of fun, and I managed not to get sandy at all.

I came home and worked for a short while. Then I downloaded They Might Be Giants' new album "The Else" from iTunes. The physical CD doesn't come out until next month, though!

I took Carrie back to work so she could teach her class, and I myself went to the Fred Meyer for to go to the bonk, get sammitch baggies, and buy some newer, more expensive stamps. I came home, made some turkey dogs for din-dins (which I ate with some macaroni salad), caught the last ten minutes of the last-ever episode of Gilmore Girls, and then watched a new episode of Veronica Mars. It was very good! It had a couple of twists that I did not see coming at all. And one that I kinda did, but it was still good.

While I was watching all of this TeleVision I was still very busy etching a high-heeled shoe martini glass for some sorta auction that Carrie's mum is doing for the Broadway Center (she wanted a matching set, and I already had one etched, so I only had to etch one more). And after the TeleVision programmes were over I did some more work until Carrie came home, and which point we went to bed.

Having been a rather hot day, the bedroom still retained much of that temperature. So I cracked the window for the first time in 2007 and we slept with the overhead fan on. Carrie had some pretty bad allergy stuff going on, too, and didn't get nearly as much sleep as I did.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Almost Gone 

Yesterday (Monday) I went in to Ever After even though it was a Holiday for most people. I'm working on creating the templates using the incredibly complicated shopping cart system that Karla got for the site. It's crazy complicated!

Oh, by the way, if anybody is in the least bit interested, you can check my progress in the re-design by going to

Compare my version to the current version!

For lunch I made a couple of hot pockets. Carrie made a pizza and then shocked us both by eating the whole thing! After I dropped her off I tried to deposit some checks in the bank, forgetting that it was a holiday and they'd be closed. There's a lot of remodeling going on at Fred Meyer's right now, though! And most of their clothes are way on sale. I might go back and rummage through, but I didn't feel like it yesterday.

The roads were all much better conditions than they'd been in several days. Most all of the ice was going away, especially since it was sunny and above freezing for much of the day.

I worked on some Bead Factory stuff until it was time to get Carrie. We went straight from work to workout for about 45 minutes before coming home. For din-dins we (mostly she) cooked up all the leftover Rib Eye tots with onions, garlic, sour cream, and cheese, then cooked up some Li'l Smokies and some scrambled eggs. Everything was put in one big pan and we both ate from it with forks, "trough-style" as we called it.

In the evening I did a li'l bit more Bead Factory work, then watched a bunch of Brisco County, Jr. (I still have about a disc-and-a-half to go)while I worked on a Thirsty Robots order. That's what I forgot to mention! I got my first out-of-state order, from someone at a publishing company in New York! This is very exciting for me, because I'm pretty sure I've never seen her (all my other orders have been repeat customers from Winterfest). Hooray, robots!

Then, in the middle of the night it snowed almost three more inches. Sigh.

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