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Saturday, June 21, 2008

That's a Good Time 

Yesterday (Friday) Carrie left straight from work to go down to Portland with Melissa, Cat, & Christine for Melissa's bachelorette party/trip thing. So as not to be all bored and lonely, I drove up to Leia & Kedar's house for a fun evening of games and pizza!

Kedar & I played some Alien Hominid, which is really a cool game (but very difficult). A couple of their other friends came over as well (one of whom is nicknamed "Chef"). We played Mario Kart Wii while the pizza cooked. I came in 2nd only to Kedar (though I did win one of the races). Kedar discovered the "options" tab in the multi-player mode that none of us had ever seen before! Now Mario Kart Wii is even more awexome!

While we were eating pizza we put on a DVD that they'd gotten with their Blockbuster subscription: the unfortunate Tin Man. Everyone realized pretty quickly that it was kinda, um, awful. The guys (except me) left and went and played some sorta video game in the back room while the girls and I kept watching. Actually, they weren't watching so much as repeatedly shouting out "Scorpioné!!" at the top of their lungs.

Anyway, after we stopped Tin Man and got the boys back, we all played a game of Last Word, which is a pretty fun word association game. After that, though, we played the really fun Apples to Apples. We played that for quite a long time. I came in third! Around 11:30 or so I headed back home to take care of my puppy and get some sleep.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Birfday Funtimes Continue 

Tuesday (my actual birfday) I got a bunch of cupcakes at work, and my boss gave me a gift certificate to NoiseBot. There were several other good ones, but in the end I selected this T-shirt:

Carrie had to work late (until like 6:00 or something), but then after she got off we went down to Gateway to India for my birfday dinner, where we were met by Christine & Lawrence. I had Gosht Korma! Very good!

Later on in the evening Carrie & I went out and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Another "Blanking Blank" title movie!). It was very funny and incredibly intelligent. Now I have two movie reviews to write.

Wednesday we cleaned the house and then in the evening went downtown to The Harmon restaurant, where we met my whole family, which came to 9 entire people around one table. Carrie & I hadn't been to The Harmon in a few years, and we were pleased to find that it was still very tasty (and they still had their beer ski). I had a steak with a green peppercorn reduction on a bed of crispy onion straws.

Then everybody came back to our house, where we were joined by Neighbor Gary. I then opened presents. I got cool stuff!

Carrie made me some lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting (my favorite cake combo), and after those I played some Smash Bros with my own Bro and Cassie.

Thursday in the afternoon Lawrence took me out to see Iron Man. I now have three movie reviews to write. When I got home I got a package from, which I thought was odd because I hadn't ordered anything from them. Turns out it was a birthday gift from Taisha, Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series (Limited Edition Cylon Head Packaging)

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday in person, online, over the phone, and/or by giving me a gift!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles 

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles
It sounds impossible, but just watch the video.

(via Wynn Ryder)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spy Hunter Commercial 

Spy Hunter,
You're MY hunter!
You make my spies go away.

(Thanks, Ryan)

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Why Does the PSP Get All the Coolest Looking Games? 

First there was LocoRoco.

Now comes Patapon, a rhythm-based, 2-D scrolling war game of sorts. Check out the trailer:

I'm serious: if anybody has a PSP that they don't want anymore, I'll totally take it off your hands. I have a little bit of Christmas money left.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy H'ween, Everybody! 

Today (Wednesday) is Halloween! Hooray!

On Friday Carrie got me a Wii because I'm an awexome husband. Take THAT, all you lousy husbands! Har har! Score! She also got me The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess. Boo-yah!

Gina came and stayed with us over Halloween weekend, because Halloween weekend was also the Bead Factory's 15th anniversary weekend. They needed extra help, so they paid for Gina to take the train up from Portland for the weekend. She slept on our couch. I cooked breakfast for us (scrambled eggs & sausage on Saturday, Li'l Smokies and orange rolls (Christmas breakfast) for us on Sunday). We like her. It was nice having her around, even though we really didn't see her that much because everybody was working so mucho.

Saturday evening was Fools Play Trick or Treat, our annual Halloween show. Not as many people came as usual, but here's what us Fools dressed up as:

As Cactus Jack - Jake Ynzunza the Pink Fool:

As the victim of a pillow fight - Taisha McFall the Jade Fool:

As James, ½ of Team Rocket (with the very lovely Tia as Jessie of Team Rocket) - Mike Harris the Blue Fool:

But I know what you're asking: What whas Chris Harris the Purple Fool's costume? And what awexome punkins did he carve this year?

Well, lucky for you all, I wrote a new Article all about that! What was my costume? What were my punkins? What new H'ween craft did I do this year? And what could possibly make The Ocean Shores Pirate cry a single, gigantic tear? You can only find out by reading...

A Halloween Surprise for The Ocean Shores Pirate

Well, my in-laws are coming over soon for our annual H'ween tradition of soup, Reuben sammitches, and handing out full-sized candy bars (not them crappy little dinky things) to everyone who comes to the door!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday (Party) to Mike 

Yesterday (Friday) Lisa actually drove me in to work in the morning and then picked me up immediately afterwards. I drove her to the Convention Center where I dropped her off, then I came home.

Carrie came home a while later, and I went out into the backyard to do some gardening, trimming and pulling weeds and the like. While I was out there Derek came by and saw me back there. He had a paper for me to sign (life insurance stuff).

Carrie went back to the show later on, and then a while after that I drove up to Kent for my brother's birthday party! I brought refreshment for the party—a can of root beer for everybody to share. I know, I'm so generous!

When I got there only Josiah & Cambry were there. I played a lot of Sky Kid for the NES for Josiah, but soon other people started trickling in until it was a rompin' stompin' full blown party. There were several people there I hadn't seen in quite a while, including Mike's "college friends" (Jen, Suzi, & Bryan of Frankenseuss Labs, who does a lot of the artwork for Buckethead's albums) and Chelsea, and I met キ, who is actually legitimately really good at drawing animé-style things. Also, Susan & Jason were there. Jason made a couple pizzas but didn't get to eat very much (at all), so Mike actually left his own party(!) and got some more pizzas. I ate a lot of pizza. Kevin brought a Wii, but we could only get one of the controllers to turn on, so a few of us played some Excite Truck. Interesting game.

I left around 11:30, which was unfortunately very shortly after Tia & Tim showed up, so I didn't get to hang out with them very long.

I went straight home and straight to bed.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Round 1: Dirty Heel, Fight 

Yesterday (Friday) I brought Carrie home for lunch and then we had lunch. Hmm... that was a good sentence I just wrote, eh? Anyhoo... I took her back to work after lunch, then came home and went to enjoy my pretty backyard. While I was back there I heard what sounded like a car pulling into my driveway. I poked my head around the corner and saw none other than Neighbor Gary getting out of his car!

He has moved back to Tacoma for the summer, living just a ten-minute drive away with a couple of his friends. Kickass. So we hung out for a while, then I sent him on his way so I could clean the kitty litter and then drive on down to Olympia to hang out with Tia!

I met Tia and her friend Alanna (sp?) at the Barnes & Nobles down there. While there I picked up the CUTEST BOOK EVAR:

Sea Creatures

It's so cute that Tia bought one too! After that the whole crew went back to Tia & Siobhan's apartment and hung out for a bit before deciding to go out to dinner.

Deciding where to go to dinner was a little torturous only because everyone except for me and Siobhan were incredibly indecisive—and Siobhan wasn't even going with us! So I eventually decided that we were going to Mekong (the one in Oly, not in T-town). I, as usual, had the Phud Thai, and it, as usual, was excellent.

We then went back to Tia's place, where Alanna & I both created characters for Soul Caliber III. Alanna created some girl based on a MUD that she and Tia do. I, on the other hand, made Dirty Heel. Yes, that Dirty Heel. Came out looking pretty good, too! With the beard and the dark glasses and everything. It was pretty funny fighting with him.

Anyway, after that I drove on home. Or, rather, I drove on towards home. I made a detour on the way to Christine's house, where Carrie was hanging out. I hung out there as well. We watched some Veronica Mars Season 2 and had some wine and a good time. Steph and Jamie showed up at some point as well. After exposing Christine to some Season 2 goodness (she hasn't seen the 2nd season yet), Carrie & I went on home.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Leia 

Yesterday (Friday) Carrie was forced to stay late at work because of meetings running long and all that. So I only got to hang out with her for like half an hour before I left. Why did I leave? Because that evening was Leia's 21st birthday party! Hooray!

It was a lots of funn. It basically consisted of eating food, playing video games, and watching people play video games. I played some Wii and I played some Guitar Hero 2, and I ate some pizza and I hung out with a bunch of my friends, so all-in-all it was an A+ night in my book! Here are some pictures I took:

Here's the gang all playing Wii

Leia taking a picture of me taking a picture of her

Leia's sister Hannah

The best present that Leia got! Sandy made her a Unicorn Robot during the course of the party!!! (Leia made the robot on the right)

Another photo of the robo-buddies

And Hildegard, enjoying the party as much as anyone else.

And here are Leia and Kedar playing Guitar Hero 2. Leia is really good at it! And watch Kedar keep on looking up at me while I film them.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kind of a Boys' Night 

Yesterday (Wednesday) after work my dad came over, and I took him to The Spar down on the waterfront because the last time Carrie & I were there a few trains went by. My dad likes trains. I thought he'd enjoy looking at trains.

So we went there and I had fish & chips and he had a patty melt. No trains came. Until finally, right as we were about to finish our meal a train came from the southeast. But only one. So it wasn't a complete bust.

After that we came back to my place and I showed my dad what we want from our backyard, and he got to calculating and planning. It's going to be quite an undertaking, actually, but it will make the backyard much more usable in the long run.

Shortly after my dad left I got a call from Geoff, who was at the Starbucks on the corner. I walked down to meet him and he bought me a hot chocolate (hot because the weather was all gray and chilly). Then we walked back to my place and went through my music collection and hung out for a bit.

I then went to the Mandolin Café for a client meeting at 5:00. It didn't last very long, so I came home and ate my leftover Greek food for dinner.

Then around 8:00 I drove down to Olympia to hang out with Scott, Kevin, and a couple of other people I'd never really met (one of them was named Matt... I can't remember the other one's name). Kevin had an Xbox 360 on a gigantic hi-def screen, and we played a bunch of different games. Kind of a boys' night. Let's see, there was a Splinter Cell game, Gears of War (which I did not like), another 1st Person Shooter, and Smackdown vs Raw 2007. The rasslin' one was fun, but I did not like that it was setup so that once someone started a move on you, someone else couldn't come up and interrupt it. So you'd have (for example) Kane putting Rey Mysterio in a submission hold, and then Mick Foley would run up behind Kane and start punching at the back of his head, but Mick's fists would just pass harmlessly through Kane's head without making any impact whatsoever. Very frustrating during tag matches when you're trying to save your teammate and you can't. I much prefer the hit detection stuff on, say, Wrestlemania X-8, where you could always hit anybody within striking distance no matter WHAT they were doing.

Carrie called while I was down there, and thankfully she was feeling better than the day before!

I eventually headed home and got back here around midnight. I was planning on writing my review of Spider-Man 3, but instead I went down to Olympia and was social and had a fun time. Oh, well.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Playing catch-up here...

Carrie unfortunately had to work all freakin' day, despite having bad body ache problems. I went in with her in the morning to help her set up her classes. Then I went to the Fred Meyer and bought a gift bag and some mini eclairs.

Can't remember what I ate for lunch, but shortly thereafter I left for Fools Play Practice, which consisted of Me, Mike, and Jake. We actually worked on the performance mechanics of an awesome new recurring character bit we're calling "Wayward Wave 5." It's working out really well, especially considering it has an enormous character who is completely mimed—none of the Fools actually plays him, we just hear his voice and react to him as if he were really there. Very cool stuff.

I helped Carrie out some more in the afternoon by Wrapping up Gina's Babe Factory Birthday Present: a mini fridge for her college dorm room. It took an entire roll of paper to wrap it! I drove it down to the store and carried it inside and everything (along with the gift bag that had some fridge magnets in it), but I forgot to bring along the mini eclairs! Oh, well, they're in our freezer now.

After I dropped off the gifts I headed immediately up north again, to eat some of my dad's yummy barbecued chicken. Carrie did not accompany me because he had a mandatory store meeting (like I said, she worked all freakin' day). Susan, Jason, and Alexis were all there, though. Jason said that Alexis had been asking all day, "Is Carrie gonna be there? Is Carrie gonna be there?" Very cute. The barbecue food was all very tasty.

When I was walking back to my car to drive home it started raining! But it was almost completely incompetent rain. The raindrops were HUGE and coming down hard, but they were so spread out that I only got hit once ever few seconds. It was bizarre.

Monday after work I picked up Carrie for lunch and made some gnocchi. I took her back to the store and decided to unwind a bit by playing some Final Fantasy I. I was actually really close to the end, and I got up to fighting the final boss of the game when the stupid thing actually froze up! It also dumped all of the saves that I had made that afternoon, so I was basically back to where I was the day before.

I picked Carrie up from work at 3:45 and drove her to her doctor's appointment. I played some Kirby Squeak Squad while I waited for her. She got a prescription, but their prescription printer was out of order so they said they'd call it in to the Bartell's for us.

So I dropped Carrie off at work so she could quickly finish up a couple of things, then I went to the Bartell's to get her prescription. Only they hadn't called it in yet. And I'd left my cell phone at home to charge, so I couldn't call them and tell them to call the Bartell's. So I drove back to the Babe Factory and picked Carrie up. We decided to go later in the evening. Which we did.

But first I made us some pizzas for dinner.

Then Carrie called the Bartell's to make sure that the prescription was there before we headed on down. While I waited for the prescription to fill Carrie got various sundries for her trip. Everything with off sans hitch, and we came back home, where Carrie basically went to bed (she had to get up by like 4:00 in the AM in order to get ready for her flight).

I stayed up and watched a fascinating film: Brian DePalma's Femme Fatale starring Rebecca Romijn and Antonio Banderas. I enjoyed it thoroughly, even through the fantastically surreal last 20 minutes. I did much laundry in the evening while Carrie slept due to the influence of her prescription.

I got up briefly around 4:00 to help Carrie get ready for her trip to Milwaukee. Then I went back to sleep and slept until 7:30.

After work I noticed that my car was low on gas, so I thought, "I'll fill up on the way home." Next thing I know I've habitually pulled right up into my driveway like usual. I sighed, back up, and drove to my usual gas station.

When I got back to the house I called Sandy to see what the Purtlebaughs were up to on Thursday. She said that there were actually a couple of things going on: it was bowling night for her Starbucks, and Busdriver was playing a show at Nuemos in Seattle! Awexome! I've never seen Busdriver live, so that's very exciting news for me.

Anyway, I asked what Sandy was doing right then, and she said she was taking her car in to get the radiator looked at, but I could come hang out with her if I wanted. I wanted, so I drove up and met her at the apartment. We walked over to the car place and picked up her car, and on the way home we stopped at the Elysian Brewery for a couple of burgers. Really good burgers! They have sauteéd onions and your choice of cheeses. I chose bleu, Sandy chose feta!

Then we went back and hung out at the apartment and ate pickles and push-pops.

I drove Sandy down to Cobalt to pick up Mathias. We went back to the apartment and tried to figure out where we wanted to have dinner. The problem with living in Capitol Hill is that you have an incredible amount and variety of choices. We eventually settled on Greek, and we all walked over to Byzantion on Broadway. I liked it very much! I got a combination plate that had souvlaki and meatballs and that yummy stuffed grape leaf thing, really excellent potatoes and a couple of other things. We all also got an appetizer, which was a whole bunch of other really good stuff. I even really enjoyed their hummous, which I usually don't like very much. Goot!

I got a phone call from Carrie while I was at the restaurant, so I did the polite thing and walked outside to talk to her.

After dinner we walked back to the apartment. It was actually starting to get cold, and I'd left my jacket in the car. Whoops! We hung out in the apartment for a while longer before Sandy went to bed and I packed up my stuff and went home.

Or at least I tried to go home. For some reason all of the downtown entrances to I-5 were inaccessible! I had to go all the way down to SafeCo Field to find an entrance to the freeway. Crazy!

Now I'm home typing all this out, and it's late and I'm going to try to get six hours of sleep tonight.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Wonderful Weekendly of Deliciously Horrible Food 

It all started on Sunday. Carrie & I had originally planned to go lawn mower shopping in the morning, but we slept in some instead. I don't remember what exactly happened for lunch, though I feel that something did. Hmm... I'll have to ask Carrie when she gets home.

Anyhoo, then it was off to Fools Play practice. After that I stopped at Fred Meyer and continued on to the Tarbet house where there was a barbecue going. I took this absolutely adorable picture:

You may be able to tell by the photo that it was plenty windy out. It was a might bit cold as well! Fortunately Jay had the outdoor fireplace thing going pretty well. So well, in fact, that we made s'mores in it. Soon we will have one of those things for ourselves... plans, plans...

So I ate a hamburger, a hot dog, and some chips and a couple of brownie bites.

Linnea's brother brought over his Wii (he's an even bigger geek than I am), so after the food settled a little bit I played some Wii Tennis and Wii Golf vs Jay. Then I played some Wii Bowling with Lena.

It's sideways but I'm too unconcerned to fix it. Just tilt your head. Lena's pretty good at bowling! But then after that we played Wii Boxing, and that little 4-year-old girl whooped me but good. She's frighteningly good at Boxing. I finally managed to beat her once, but I had to really, really work at it. Whew!

When we got home it was before 9:00, but as soon as we got out of the car I felt something inside of me go away and I became instantly, unabashedly sleepy. I went to bed and fell asleep and didn't get up until the next morning.

Carrie had to work on Monday, but I did not. In the morning I drove to a few places and found the best price/quality ratio on a new lawn mower. I guess I should say a first new lawn mower, because it's the first one I've ever actually owned. Pretty exciting. I got it at Home Depot. I had the sense to ask for help getting it off the shelf but not getting it into my car, but I manned up and stuffed it in there all by myself. I a big boy now!

It was much easier getting it out of the car and dragging it up the stairs than it was putting it into the car.

At noon I went up north to Grandma K's place for a big barbecue they were having for Memorial Day. I had a hamburger and a hot dog and a bag of chips. And an ice cream bar for dessert. They had a live band, the Cow Chips. They did old cowboy/ragtime type of songs. Stuff that Gene Autrey would sing (and did).

I came home and assembled the lawn mower and filled it up with oil, though not gas.

Then after Carrie got off of work we were picked up by Christine and Lawrence and we all went to Jefferson park just to hang out in the nice weather. We played some frisbee and no-net badminton (with extremely short racquets).

They're so cute!

A while into that we were joined by Melissa. Then a while after that we all started getting hungry, so we went down to The Spar and had fish and chips. Well, I had fish and chips. And so did Carrie. Other people had other things, like burgers and chicken fingers. But they missed out, 'cuase Spar fish & chips are some of the best in T-town. Anyway, Travis joined us there as well.

By the time we got home it was pretty late, but I still did an hour's worth of work on stuff that I needed to work on. Then I went to bed.

So over the course of the weekend I ate several hot dogs and several hamburgers, and some fried fish. It was all rather tasty, but I am not feeling at all healthy right now.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Opposites Attract 

Yesterday I went in to work as per my usual. Carrie, however, did not. I finished with work, went home, and had lunch with Carrie, who immediately thereafter proceeded to go to work herself. We had opposite schedules! Almost as soon as I got off work, she went to work!

After I dropped her off at work I came home and watered my flowers by spraying the hose in a gentle-rain type of way. As I was spraying around, out of the corner of my eye I caught what I thought was an ENORMOUS bug hovering near the stream of water. When my eyes focused on it I realized that it wasn't a bug at all, but a hideous robot a hummingbird! I tried to get a picture of it with my camera phone, as it seemed to like to hover near the stream of water shooting out of the hose. Here's what I got:

As you can see, you can't see anything. See? Oh, well. It was a good experience even if it didn't get captured digitially.

For much of the rest of the day I rested, on account of not having gotten very much sleep the night before. I also played a bunch of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It's a pretty good one!

I also went out shopping for me mum's Mother's Day prezzie. I went first to Urban Kitchen, but to my surprise they had not that for which I searched! So I was forced to go to the mall of shopping and poke around there. Thankfully, I found that for which I searched.

Shortly before Carrie got off of work she called me and asked if I'd go pick up Lawrence and stake out a table at The Parkway. So I did and so we did. We were joined a while later by Rachel and her significant figure Jake, and then a while after that Carrie, Christine, and Melissa joined us as well.

Our waitress was acting really weirdly, and not at all appealing. She said that the kitchen didn't close until 11:00, but then she kept on making weird pressuring statements about getting our orders in and wanting to get off to go drink and stuff like that. Do not want.

But the rest of the time at the Parkway was rollicking good funtimes. We drove melissa home afterwards. I just played a little C:AOS before falling to sleepy.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Fish & Photos 

Yesterday (Sunday) Carrie & I got up at a relatively reasonable time so we could make a tour of tech. We started at Office Depot, then Chét Targét (where Carrie also picked up various other sundries she needed for her trip), and ended at Fred Meyer's (where Carrie picked up various groceries).

The point of this Tech Tour was to price and compare various digital cameras. I'd gone onto Digital Camera HQ and found all of the highest-rated, ultra-compact cameras under $250. Fred Meyer's had all the same ones that were at the other two places, and at the same prices, so I decided to get one there. I settled on the Casio Exilim EX-Z75. It's very cute, very intuitive, has an "easy mode" for Carrie and has enough options to suit all of my needs. It's also more than 3 times as powerful as my old camera, and doesn't take 30 seconds to turn on or a full second to take a photo when you push the trigger (it actually takes only about 0.01 seconds). I like it so far.

We then ate some Mandarin chicken, and I went to Fools Play practice. We worked on recurring character stuff, re-tooling a couple of character bits and coming up with a couple of new ones. A really good idea and a really, really bad idea. 'Twas a lots of fun.

When I came home Carrie & Lawrence & Christine already had the coals going on the barbeque, and Carrie & Lawrence had prepped 3 types of salmon: Lemon/garlic salmon, Teriyaki salmon, and Plumb BBQ sauce salmon. They were also making brownies and a big veggie tray, and Carrie even made guacamolé. I put the salmon on and it cooked away.

As the even went on, more and more people started coming over, including the likes of Carly, Liana y Robbie, Melissa y Travis, and Jen w/Lila. Liana & Robbie even brought their two dogs over, which delighted Carrie (but made Fantastico none too happy).

It was a very fun evening of barbeque, beer, and video games (Robbie brought over two more GameCube controllers and we mostly played Bomberman Jetters and Mario Kart Double Dash, although at one point Travis actually brought out a working 3DO system). And since we'd used paper plates and disposable cups, cleanup was a snap!

Here's a pic of a whole bunch of peoples playing video games (taken with the new camera, of course):

After everyone was gone, Carrie then watched the season finale of The Apprentice while I finished up some computer stuff, and then we went to bed.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jetting the Days Away 

Monday and Tuesday were incredibly uneventful days. On Sunday I borrowed the video game Bomberman Jetters from my brother, and Carrie & I have been playing a lot of the multi-player battle mode. It's much different than the Bomberman 64 that we're used to; it's more like traditional Bomberman mechanics.

Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, after every game we played we'd spend several minutes cleaning up the house. We almost completely cleaned the kitchen that way.

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