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  • Charlie's Angels (2000): ***

    Directed by McQ

    All the reviews I read of this film said that the plot was disjointed and didn't make any sense. I'm sorry, but this movie had one of the easiest to follow plots I've ever seen. I bet I can describe it in one sentence:

    "A man who belives that Charlie is responsible for his father's death secrecly hires the Angels to break into a competitor's computer system under the pretense that the competitor has stolen a voice recognition program, when in reality he is just using the Angels to get control of the competitor's satellites which, when used in conjunction with the voice recognition program, can pinpoint the location of Charlie and thus allow the man to find and kill him, avenging his father."

    Okay, it's kind of a long sentence, but it doesn't really get much simpler than that in spy-type movies.

    Other than that, the movie is just out for a good time, and much like Josie and the Pussycats, it doesn't take itself very seriously. This movie isn't nearly as good as Josie, but it's still pretty fun. The fight scenes are interesting and entertaining, the star power is oozing all over the scene, there's great cameos by Luke Wilson and LL Cool J (among many others), and of course the inimitable Bill Murray is all over the place and out of control. How can you beat that? There's one scene where he carves a gun out of a piece of soap using his teeth. Why? Because it's funny. It almost seems like they didn't give Murray a script. They just told him basically what was supposed to be happening and let him do it.

    So this isn't a monumental film by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly isn't awful. It just wanted to be fun, and I certainly had fun watching it. So there!

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