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  • Coyote Ugly (2000): **

    Directed by David McNally

    Why did I watch this movie?

    Oh, yeah. It was on Encore (which we get for free), and Carrie wanted to see it. So she watched it without me and liked it so much that when they replayed it later that evening she watched it again. So i decided to sit down with her and see what the fuss was.

    It's so much better than I thought it would be. I was expecting a half-star mess of crap, but as you can see it easily pulls out two full stars. Why?

    Easy. Piper Perabo and John Goodman. They're the only good things about this movie. All the crap with Coyote Ugly is never in the least bit believable, and also somehow manages to not be in the least bit tittilating of aluring. It's just kind of sad and demeaning.

    But Piper Perabo is somehow utterly believable as the shy songstress who uses Coyote Ugly as a platform to gain back her confidence. And John Goodman is at his absolute cutest as her father who is completely unable to take care of himself—he goes to a wedding without any socks at one point. They're both very charming. The movie around them is pretty awful.

    But you know one thing I did kind of like about it? It turns out that it's all just a big commercial for LeAnn Rimes. Piper Perabo's big song that she writes for the climax of the film turns out to be Rimes's "Can't Fight the Moonlight" song. Have you heard that song? The first time I heard it, I thought it was a Sailor Moon pop song, and the DJ was playing it on the radio in order to get fired or something. I swear! It's EXACTLY like a song from a Sailor Moon pop album!

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