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  • Pootie Tang: Sine Your Pity on the Runny Kine (2001): ***1/2

    It is a shame, a SHAME, that no one will see this movie. I haven't laughed this hard all the way through an entire movie since The Stupids (a movie which also very few people saw or understood). "Sine Your Pity on the Runny Kine" (the film's ACTUAL title) is such a crazy, frenetic, hilarious, quirky mess that I absolutley loved it and have little doubt that it will end up on my Top 10 Movies of 2001 list.

    Oh, make no mistake about it, this isn't a very good movie. It's sloppy, dis-jointed, erattic, haphazardly paced, etc. But all of that only makes the comedy funnier. I don't know if the filmmakers were lucky or geniuses, and I don't care. I laughed my ass off the whole way through. Which is the whole point of comedy. Period, the end.

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