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  • Shrek (2001): **1/2

    Directed by Andy Adamson and Vicky Jenson

    I found really very little special about this movie. It has some funny parts (although it was almost a half hour into it before I laughed out loud for the first time, which is not a good sign in a comedy), but it's hardly a groundbreaking script. If you've seen even a couple of episodes of The Simpsons then you've seen better writing and satire and all that. And if you've seen Mulan then you've already seen a lot of what's supposed to be funny. They could have just cut Eddie Murphy's character out of that movie and plunked it into this one and it would have been about exactly the same. Well, maybe it's a little better in Shrek.

    The computer imagery is very good, although I found many character design choices to be absolutley unappealing (mostly background characters). But, come on, shouldn't we be past being in awe of a computer generated movie? Sure, they look good. Get over it and watch to see whether it's a good movie or not. This one is only average.

    And what moron chose the music? The pop songs are for the vast majority just distracting and poorly chosen to suit what's going on on the screen. Dumb.

    There are some funny parts. I liked the professional wrestling scene. I thought the onion scene was cute. But only cute.

    Shrek isn't a bad movie, it's just not very special. Sorry.

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